5 more digital marketing terms you should familiarize yourself with

In our last blog post we highlighted 4 digital marketing terms that all business owners should be aware of. For this week, we wanted to introduce you to several more.

Average revenue per user

The average revenue per user (ARPU) means exactly what you think it does: it’s a measurement that allows business owners to calculate the average amount of revenue that each user / consumer of their product generates.

Multichannel selling

It’s hard to believe that just 20 years ago, if someone wanted to find the best price for a microwave or a kitchen appliance, they’d need to spend half of their day driving around from store to store to see where the best deal was. And while today’s consumers still comparison shop, they do it from the comfort of their own homes.

Multi-channel selling is the process of listing your product on various stores’ websites.  This could mean listing your items on Walmart, Offer Up, Amazon, and/or eBay, among others. Business owners who engage in this process can help ensure that they get their product in front of the eyes of a wide swath of consumers- including those who are browsing the same product on various platforms in hopes of getting the best price.

404 error

When someone visits your website and they click on a page that has a broken link (i.e., the search engine isn’t able to find that particular page on your server), they’ll get directed to a page that days the search engine has encountered a 404 error. All 404 errors should be reported immediately to your webmaster.

Adaptive website design

If you think that the terms adaptive website design and responsive website design are one in the same, you’re wrong.  Whereas adaptive website design refers to being able to view one website on devices of varying screen sizes, such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets, responsive website design is what happens when a business has multiple versions of their website, each of which is optimized to be viewed on a different screen size. Responsive website design is what happens when the correct version of the website is displayed based on the consumer’s screen size. Responsive web design essentially replaced adaptive web design.

In closing

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