Analyzing the Results of a Moz Inbounding vs. Outbound Marketing Study

Analyzing the Results of a Moz Inbounding vs. Outbound Marketing Study

Our friends over at put out great information on a regular basis about digital marketing. One of their latest contributions is a collaborative study with Fractl to examine inbound versus outbound marketing and how customers think each is effective.

The study interviewed 1,000 people and asked them a series of questions about traditional marketing methods – like TV, print, and radio – as well as digital marketing methods (ranging from social media to PPC, email, and more).

The results are intriguing for any business that wants to improve its marketing efforts.

Online Advertising Survey Results

For starters, the vast majority of respondents are indeed aware of online ads – but over half of respondents are either blocking these ads or not interacting with them.

Of the ones that were clicked on, the most popular were social media ads, followed by sponsored story links and website/display ads.

Under 10 percent of the respondents clicked on PPC ads, which suggests that PPC may not be the most effective way to grab someone’s attention online. Rather, these tend to be more useful when there’s already high interest – i.e. someone is directly searching for a solution to a problem. (According to the survey, 88.3 percent of users used online searches to find out more about companies and products.)

What Digital Methods Grab People’s Attention?

The survey asked what methods are best for getting people to pay attention. Traditional advertising topped the list, mainly because TV and radio are some of the best ways to reach mass-market audiences. But just below that was email marketing, followed closely by social media advertising and website/display ads.

Of purely digital types of content, customer reviews were exceptionally effective at helping people make buying decisions. Online searches came next, followed by online articles. Social media also helps people make favorable buying decisions.

(Believe it or not, one very effective non-digital method was direct mail!)

What Do People Want?

The survey also asked what people are looking for in order to do business with a company. They asked what an effective way was for a company to attract their business.

Number one on the list was getting discounts, coupons, and free trials. Next was offering free content about something they were interested in, followed by appearing in search results when someone is searching for an answer or solution.

At the very bottom, despite the explosion in this field, was advertising on mobile apps. Only 6.6 percent said it was an effective way.

Apparently, people want something in return for giving you their time – either something tangible, like a discount, or something that informs, educates, engages, or entertains them. That’s why mobile app advertising was so low, because it offers none of the above.

We encourage you to read the entire report to see how you can better improve your traditional and digital marketing efforts.