Ask a digital marketing agency: What are the benefits of increasing my online presence?


Ask a digital marketing agency: What are the benefits of increasing my online presence?

Lots of businesses still operate with an “old school” mentality. Perhaps their storefront is in a business corridor on a street that gets lots of foot traffic. Or, maybe they’ve been around for so long that their company is a well-known staple of the community.

If business is good, revenue is good, and from an operational standpoint, things are trucking along at the same speed, why would someone want to ramp up their Internet presence and online marketing efforts?

Below are just a few of the things you’ll want to consider.

Improving your online presence can also improve your profits

Commerce is a 24-7 creature. People from all over the world, search for and buy products, at all hours of the day and night.  Do you own a bath products store that’s constantly packed with customers? If so, that’s fantastic. But just imagine what you could do if you had an online storefront, with a user-friendly interface, that was available 24-7-365.

Growing your online presence can help you grow your brand

If you spend time on Instagram, you may have seen the recent flurry of ads and advertisements for a “celebrity teeth whitening product.” The ads are literally everywhere. They’re in news feeds, they’re posted in the stories section, and the marketing efforts have been constant.

And while this company may not have had a lot of brand recognition 6 months ago, their enhanced online presence is starting to change that.  Are we suggesting you drop thousands of dollars into a social media ad campaign? No. But we are suggesting that there are ways you can use your social media pages strategically. When a social strategy is executed properly, companies can grow their brand, their brand recognition, and their bottom line.

Your business needs to evolve with the times

A hundred years ago the modern-day refrigerator didn’t exist. Instead, people had blocks of ice delivered to their homes, and that ice was used to keep their milk, eggs and cheese stored at a cool temperature. People no longer use “ice boxes,” and instead, they use electric powered refrigerators and freezers to store perishable foods.

Technology spurred evolutions in all aspects of modern-day life- including how people look for, research, and buy products.  If you want to grow your profits your business needs to evolve.

In closing

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