Ask an online marketing expert: Is SEO a one-shot process?

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Ask an online marketing expert: Is SEO a one-shot process?

As a small business owner, you understand that your organic web ranking can make or break your business. First– websites that rank on page 1 of Google search results get a zillion times more traffic than those that rank on page 2 or page 3. Second, companies with websites that get a lot of traffic, tend to make more revenue.

Suffice to say, your SEO strategy needs to be thoughtful, well-planned, and maintained. If you were thinking that SEO was a one-shot process, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. It’s an ongoing process that needs regular management and TLC.

Things you need to stay on top of

Among the many things that the search engine algorithms look for relates to fresh content. Have you ever come across a website that hasn’t been updated in ages? For example, if you click on the events page for a restaurant, do you see any new listings, or is it nothing but stuff from 2017?  If the algorithms think your website is stale, they often think that company has gone out of business. Consequently, adding and updating your content is an important component of SEO.

Are we suggesting you add another 20-50 standalone web pages? No. Instead, we’re suggesting you add and maintain a regular blog. You’ll want to make sure that the content of your blog is relevant to your business. If you own an organic smoothie shop, blogs about recipes, antioxidants, and the benefits of getting enough fruit in your diet are good topics. Blogs about the local sports teams, construction projects, or community improvement plans, are not. Remember- the point of blogs is to 1) incorporate relevant keywords to your content and 2) to script content that people are interested in reading. When people visit your website (and stay there for a while), this can help improve your SEO ranking.   

Keep in mind that keywords change

Keyword phrases that ranked well 2 years ago may not rank well today. As such, you’ll want to work with an online marketing expert to ensure that the keywords you used in the past are equally relevant today. (If they’re not, you’ll want to find out what’s changed and what you’ll need to do to update your website content.)

In closing

If you have questions about current SEO best practices, or you’d like to receive a free SEO report, call our office today to speak with an online marketing expert.