Blogging is Dead – Or is it?

Blogging is Dead – Or is it?

The statement “Blogging is dead” pops up every year. It’s morbid and sends a strong message. But if you’re reading this then you know that blogging is still alive and well. So it is really dead?

Not necessarily. It – like everything else in online marketing – is evolving. How bloggers are keeping their heads above the swift digital current and remaining relevant is interesting and creative.

They’re embracing multiple platforms for sharing their information. If you’re only on Blogger or WordPress, then you’re doing it wrong. There is no better way to limit yourself than by only expressing yourself on one online platform. If you’re blogging, then you should also be on Instagram or Twitter, cultivating an online audience and presence and growing your community. You can also use these other platforms to redirect customers to your blog.

They’re making videos. Many bloggers have actually begun vlogging, or video blogging. They’re posting live or edited videos of them performing, shopping, or even doing makeup. They’re usually using items they’re paid to promote, and the videos can run up to half an hour. Links posted below the videos redirect viewers to their blogs so they can also purchase items the bloggers are advertising.

When they send emails, they’re automating them. Email marketing works. It’s proven and effective. It can also be time-consuming. That’s why a lot of online advertisers and bloggers have started automating their email messages. These messages are written days and even weeks in advance, and all of their other online posts throughout the week are formulated around that email blast. It’s all interconnected and sales-driven.

They’re becoming expert copywriters. Bloggers have to be expert writers and editors. If what you’re writing have consistent mistakes or it’s not persuasive, then you’re not going to cultivate a strong online audience. You can do everything with strong copywrite skills: sales pitches, reviews, and even emails. Strong writing skills make your blogging life and everyday life stronger.

They’re finding supportive communities and embracing them. Build a strong online presence and community, and then embrace and cultivate it. Don’t just reach out to them; you also need to react to them, talk with them, and encourage them to interact with you. This communicates with your audience that they are not only a part of your brand, but also your lifestyle. Your blog becomes more than just a jumble of words. It becomes a community where your audience can come to escape and interact with others.