Why Blogging Rocks, and How to Use It

Why Blogging Rocks, and How to Use It

There are a lot of things you can do with Florida Internet marketing to promote your website.

Did you know that one of them is blogging?

Blogging, in some people’s minds, has a bad rap. We’ve all heard of self-important bloggers that blab on about anything and everything, people who no one takes seriously, who are more annoying than they are helpful.

And, there are those who have tried to blog for their businesses but became discouraged because “No one was reading it!”

Contrary to both of these beliefs, blogging – actual, serious blogging executed well – can be a powerful asset to a business’s Florida Internet marketing campaign.

Here’s why – and how you can use blogging for maximum marketing benefit.

Blogging Is Speaking, Teaching, and Talking All in One

Imagine that you had the opportunity to talk to a prospective customer one-on-one and take up five minutes of their time. And imagine that you could talk about things that interest them, that they enjoy talking about.

That, in essence, is what blogging does. It enables you to spend time with your prospects and teach them, speak with them, and show them that you know what you’re talking about. If you can do that in real life, you’ll close the vast majority of your encounters with customers.

Blogging is how you do that online, with thousands of people at a time.

How to Use Blogging

Blogging is best used to:

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Motivate

The goal isn’t really to sell anything – not directly, anyway. You sell by building up a reputation for being authoritative, a reputation that says, “This business knows what they’re talking about.” That makes a customer more likely to go with you.

You need to write your blog for search engines and people at the same time. You also need to distribute the blog far and wide. Each post should be shared via email and social media at a minimum. You can also send blog posts out to other bloggers and news websites and see if they can use them.

The goal is to put your blog where people can read it. Don’t just write a blog, post it, then forget about it. Put it to work by driving traffic to it, and you’ll have more success.

In summary, blogging is great. Do it, do it well, and reap the benefits.