Can blogging improve my SEO ranking? Part 1

At WBN Marketing of Florida, our clients often ask about the types of things they can do to improve their SEO ranking. As we’ve mentioned countless times in the past, a page-1 ranking slot can be worth its weight in gold.

On the other hand, if your website ranks on page 2, 3, or 4 of search engine query, you’re likely leaving thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on the table. And while the types of thins the search engine algorithms look for is constantly changing (i.e., strategies that worked well 4 years ago may not work as well today), the need for businesses to consistently update their websites has remained constant.

For example, several months ago one of our staff members traveled to a resort town in Mexico. Before she went, she spent hours researching things to do, places to go, and restaurants to eat at. When she arrived at the hotel the concierge asked her if she had dinner plans—but when she mentioned she wanted to go to a particular restaurant, he suggested she try someplace different. (She never stumbled upon this place during her research.)

The restaurant, she learned, had been open for more than 30 years and it was a favorite dinner spot among the locals. The food was incredible, the service was impeccable, and she couldn’t fathom how she didn’t find it on the Internet.

When she got home she was a bit curious so she started digging around on the web. She found the website right away- but she quickly realized it hadn’t been updated in years. (The last event post it added related to a Christmas dinner menu from 2018.) In fact, the only updates the restaurant had posted in the past 3 years were on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

Suffice to say, the main reason she didn’t find this place before her trip, was because the restaurant’s SEO ranking was abysmal. Although it takes numerous SEO strategies to secure a page 1 ranking, the fact that the website hadn’t been updated in roughly 5 years, most certainly wasn’t helping.

When websites get stale, the search engine crawlers assume the business is no longer operable—and their SEO ranking will begin to suffer. Are we suggesting that businesses add page upon page of content to their website each month? Absolutely not. We are, however, suggesting that adding a weekly blog is a great way to keep your website fresh without needing to worry about reworking your entire layout.

For more information on how adding a website blog can help boost your SEO, we can help. Call WBN Marketing today to speak with a local expert.