Change Is Here: Artificial Intelligence and SEO Services in Florida

Change Is Here: Artificial Intelligence and SEO Services in Florida

We’ve written quite a bit about how Google is constantly changing SEO services in Florida.

Now, Google is making use of its newest change to its algorithm, called RankBrain, which is nothing other than artificial intelligence (AI) being pressed into service to help deliver better results for searchers.

RankBrain and AI will continue to have a profound effect on SEO and the best practices we use to deliver better results in search.

RankBrain and AI

RankBrain is a type of AI that forms connections between various elements. It tries to replicate how our brains made connections between the neurons found in that gray matter between our ears.

Specifically, these connections are a part of what’s called “back propagation”, now known as “deep learning” by folks at Google. Google thinks that deep learning can learn virtually anything from just raw data, and that Google can take all of this raw data and eventually automate the discovery of all knowledge.

AI is ramping up at a considerable, exponential speed. And as it becomes more sophisticated, the world of SEO – and indeed the world in general – will be changed.

How SEO Will Be Affected

For starters, Google’s RankBrain works a lot differently from w hat we have come to know (or what we think we have come to know).

Whenever Google made a change previously, we would look back at a bunch of different websites, look at the before and after results, and then try to make assumptions about what the change represented – i.e. what was it about those websites that made their performance go up or down? Then we would say, “Voila! Google made backlinks more important,” or, “Google de-emphasized keyword insertion strategies,” or a million other educated guesses.

The problem with this is that RankBrain doesn’t think like that anymore. Instead, RankBrain treats each search as its own independent event. What signal works very well for one search may not work very well for another. This is because RankBrain is comprised of many different algorithms, instead of just one.

Said another way, RankBrain is basically customizing an algorithm per unique search.

One big realization is that pages on your site need to fill niches, instead of being overly broad. This was true before RankBrain, but it’s even more important now, based on how RankBrain categorizes websites. Your pages need to be classified appropriately, and if they aren’t, they can be easily miscategorised as something that is completely irrelevant to your business.

We’ll continue to point out more best practices as Google’s AI evolves. But start really thinking like a human – not a computer – when taking advantage of SEO services in Florida in order to get the best results.