Chasing Perfect SEO | SEO Services in Florida

Chasing Perfect SEO | SEO Services in Florida

According to Voltaire, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” Chasing perfection in everything we do is counter-productive – we’ll never get there – but getting as close to perfect as you can is an admirable ambition.

When we execute SEO services in Florida for our clients, we know we’ll never get “perfect” SEO, simply because there are a billion moving pieces, and getting them all to align amidst constant changes from Google is impossible. (Not to mention, no one outside of Google – and maybe not even them – knows what perfect SEO looks like.)

With that being said, you can strive to get as close to perfect as you can, and that’s good enough. The goal isn’t to gain perfection; it’s to be closer to it than your competitors. Given the state of SEO today for most small and medium-sized businesses, that’s not a very high bar to clear.

Ian Lurie, a marketing specialist, wrote a piece over at about this theory on “distance from perfect”. He created eight categories that he thinks serve as an ideal, of sorts, for what perfect SEO looks like. We’ll paraphrase his list here:

  1. No duplicate content
  2. No broken links or mistakes or redirects
  3. Every page is indexed and classified
  4. Pages load instantly
  5. User experience is flawless
  6. Content is visible and perfectly relevant to the search term and audience
  7. No reported problems with the search engines
  8. Organic links that convey authority to the algorithm

These aren’t the only categories; as Ian puts it, there are probably a “bazillion” out there. But his framework is a good place to start when searching for that ideal.

Honestly, though, when it comes to SEO services in Florida, most businesses aren’t anywhere near perfect. That’s because most businesses haven’t even started their SEO journey. They may have a website, but with no optimization and no plan for doing it anytime soon.

The biggest challenge we have to overcome is to get a business to agree to do SEO in the first place. That’s the biggest challenge because SEO is a complicated topic that isn’t easily understood by business owners who have their hands full running their company.

But to succeed online necessitates solid SEO. If you have a website but haven’t optimized it for search engines, you are miles away from perfect and need to act fast to start closing that gap and overtake your competitors.