Content Marketing Strategies

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Content Marketing Strategies

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Content marketing, as we know it today looks very different than what it used to look like, with ever-evolving tactics, trends, data, and content tools that have drastically changed our approach. With all of these changes, it’s easy to get caught up in the learning of the new changes and simultaneously forget the core purpose of the content. Here are a few things that business owners and all industry leaders should be familiar with when it comes to content marketing:

Content requires effort: Many brands are putting content out there, but many of it are not doing it well. Creating content can be extremely complicated, with a lot of moving parts and people involved in the entire process. It takes time and effort, as well as a great team effort at times, to be on the path to produce engaging content that is distributed to the right audience in the most effective way.

Quantity of content: Consistency matters when it comes to content. Creating one piece of great content is a step, but if you stop there, there is no follow through and it will not be effective. The audience you are looking to reach is more likely to remember your brand if they are reminded of it on a consistent basis. This does not mean that some of your content cannot be reused or repurposed information, but it does mean that you should present relevant, engaging and valuable information on a consistent basis.

Beyond social media: Sharing your content on social media is a wonderful and effective way to reach your audience, but it is important to go beyond that. More and more brands are realizing that the effort put into creating content is fruitless if the material is not distributed in a way that ensures their audience will see it. There are dozens of ways to distribute content and social media is just one of them.

Long-term strategy: The purpose of content is not to solely plug products and services. Let that sink in. Many brands think that creating content is solely about describing their products and/or services and they miss the point that the goal of content marketing is to invest in the overall marketing strategy and promote the product/service, but content marketing is so much more than that. The point of content marketing is to build your brand, enrich the lives of those in your audience by providing valuable information, and earn trust from your audience.

Beyond the blog: A blog is a must, but your efforts should go beyond that. Be active in engaging your audience, share links to your content, and offer a newsletter that audience members can subscribe to, so that your content can go directly to their email.

Content and PR: Content creation and Public Relations complement each other, as both help you reach and engage with your audience, build your brand awareness, create leads and result in profit. Content marketing if a long-term strategy and PR is more of a short-term strategy, but combined together they can be very powerful.

There is no one-size-fits-all process for content creation or content distribution, but there are things to avoid and steps to take to ensure you are remembering the core purpose of content.