Creating a Good Media Pitch | Naples PR

Creating a Good Media Pitch | Naples PR

A Naples PR campaign can do a lot of good for your business, especially when it comes to targeting hard-to-reach customers who may not respond well to newer methods of digital marketing.

After all, business is a game of influence, and people are influenced by what they consume in the form of traditional and online media. So, the more of a presence you can get in media, the better your results will be.

Getting this expanded coverage basically comes down to knowing how to approach the media, and that ultimately boils down to a pitch. A pitch is your best shot at promoting your story and business in a way that is appealing to a reporter, blogger, or producer. It is your sales pitch, your way to encapsulate your story in a paragraph or two in a way that makes the target want to cover it.

The Elements of a Good Pitch

Pitching in Naples PR comes down to mastering a few important components of a good pitch.

What makes for a good pitch?

A good pitch has:

  • Something newsworthy: Not everything associated with your business is newsworthy. A new hire probably isn’t newsworthy unless you’re hiring someone who is well-known in the field and brings something major to the industry and market.
  • A unique approach: If you’re pitching something that most people in your industry pitch, it has to be unique and come from a good angle.
  • Familiarity with the target publication: You have to show that your piece of news or your story is relatable and relevant to the publication’s target audience.

Pitches can miss one of these components, but it has to be overwhelmingly strong in the other two areas.

Making a Strong Pitch

To make a good pitch in your Naples PR campaign, it helps if you have a relationship with the reporter, blogger, producer, or journalist.

It’s okay if you don’t; you can start the pitch by (briefly) introducing yourself. Then, lead with the hook – the angle that best summarizes the appeal of the pitch and why it matters. Explain how your bit of news is relevant to the publication you’re pitching. Talk about why people will care about your story. If you can tie it to a piece the person wrote previously, even better.

Keep it limited to just a few paragraphs. The more you can explain in fewer words, the better. Being verbose will only get your pitch scanned quickly and dismissed. For longer, more complex stories, it’s okay to take three paragraphs or so, but don’t go above that. Try to explain as much as you can with concise language. Brevity is better.

Use these tips to improve your Naples PR campaign and you’ll get more exposure.