Creating an Ideal Google AdWords PPC Ad

Creating an Ideal Google AdWords PPC Ad

Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) is an important part of a Florida Internet marketing strategy for many businesses. It offers the potential of quick returns on your investment and rapid exposure to your website through targeted traffic – making it the fastest and most cost-effective way to generate traffic and sales on the Internet.

But, the success of your campaign really depends on the quality of your ad, those small lines of text that show up at the top of search results. The better the ad, the more likely people are to click on your ad instead of a competitor’s. And, the better the ad, the higher your Quality Score is. Quality Score affects, among other things, your cost per click (CPC), so a better ad gets a lower CPC – making your marketing more cost-effective.

Here are tips you can use to create an ideal PPC ad for your Florida Internet marketing campaign.

Appeal to Emotion

The best PPC ads are built on emotion.

You can’t always use emotion; it’s hard to bring emotion into an ad for accountants, for example. But, if you can evoke emotion, your ad will be more successful.

For example, for a real estate agent, you could create an ad like this:

Naples, Florida Real Estate – New Homes

Check out new homes in Naples starting at $400k

Experienced Realtors – Arrange your tour today!

We see a lot of ads like these, and while it clearly explains what you can get if you click on the ad, there’s no emotion behind it. Here’s an alternative that you could consider:

Find Your Dream Home in Naples

Your next forever home is waiting for your family

Find a piece of Paradise with Naples real estate

That’s much better. It’s still obvious what you’re offering, but this time, there’s something more to it that attracts people in a new direction.

Use the Right Keywords

Your PPC ads are designed to show up whenever someone types in a keyword phrase. But, it’s really easy to choose ultra-competitive keywords that are insanely expensive and hard to rank for.

As you can imagine, “real estate” is ultra-competitive and expensive. Only the largest companies have the budget to compete for that keyword, in SEO or PPC. Even “Naples real estate” can be competitive. But “Naples, FL real estate” or “homes for sale in Naples, FL” or beachfront property in Naples” are a bit better because they aren’t as competitive, are still popular, and cost less per click than the rest.

Choosing the right keyword is the cornerstone to success. If you choose incorrectly, your PPC campaign will be dead in the water.

Include a Call to Action

Finally, every ad needs to have some call to action. What do you want them to do once they click on the ad? You could ask them to give you a call, or to fill out a form, or to download something. Whatever it is, the ad needs to mirror whatever is on the ad’s landing page.

If you include a call to action, you are far more likely to get a click than if you don’t. So, make sure your PPC ads all contain one.

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