Creating the Perfect Social Media Post

Creating the Perfect Social Media Post

Do you do social media for your business? If so, you know that social media can be a powerful way to connect and engage with your target audience and build a better brand reputation.

But how do you create a great post? How do you create a post that will resonate and earn likes, shares, and comments?

Here is a quick guide to posting the perfect post on various social media platforms.


Ideal length: 100-120 characters. Think of a length of a tweet.

What to include: Be sure to ask for likes, shares, and comments. Also, ask questions. People like to respond with a comment.

ALWAYS make sure you: Attach a picture. Posts with pictures earn more engagement than posts without.


Ideal length: Less than 120 characters. Leave 20 characters so your handle shows up if people retweet you.

What to include: Hashtags are always good to use. Also, tag other handles if you want them to notice your tweet.

ALWAYS make sure you: Include a link. Links get a lot of attention on Twitter.


Ideal length: 50 to 100 characters. People on LinkedIn skim as they read, so fewer characters work best.

What to include: Include links, and attach pictures as necessary. Ask questions of your followers, especially asking their opinion of business issues.

ALWAYS make sure you: Include a call-to-action. Ask people to check your profile, connect with you, click on the link, post a comment, or share the status update with their followers.

Google +

Ideal length: Either be concise – 40-100 characters – or go long (400 characters or more).

What to include: Google+ also uses hashtags, so include those. You can also mention other brands and users. Google+ also has what are called hot topics, so using those can boost your reach.

ALWAYS make sure you: Attach a full-sized picture. Google+ is one of the best platforms when it comes to sharing pictures. Pictures attract attention, especially full-sized ones.

Follow this simple guide to create better social media posts tailored to the social media platforms you are one.