Creating Your Unique Service Proposition | Florida Internet Marketing

Creating Your Unique Service Proposition | Florida Internet Marketing

What is it that you do?

More specifically, what is it that you do that no one else does?

The closer you get to an answer to this question, the better your brand will be – and the more competitive your business will be in your market.

That is the essence of competitive branding: figuring out how to describe yourself so that you cultivate a reputation for doing something different, or doing the same thing in a unique and special way. You want to separate yourself from your competition, after all, so finding and developing your unique service proposition can set you apart.

Florida Internet marketing can be especially helpful for developing that unique service proposition and building a better brand and reputation that identifies your business as something different from all the rest.

Identify Your Competitive Advantage

There are probably things you do better than anyone else in your local service area. You just have to find out what those things are.

Those abilities, those edges, are the core of your competitive advantage. Your competitive advantage is something that you can claim as being better than what’s being done by the competition.

For example, let’s take an urgent care clinic in this area. This particular clinic is surrounded by competitors. For most people who are in search of urgent care, this clinic is just the same as all the others, so there’s no special reason to go there versus anywhere else.

This clinic decided that one thing it does better than virtually anyone else is saving time for its patients. The staff is extremely time-conscious, and they pride themselves on not wasting time and on being as efficient as possible.

That is their competitive advantage. If you want quick, efficient service that doesn’t have you sitting in long lines waiting for care, this is the clinic to go see.

Using Florida Internet Marketing for Branding Your USP

So, once you’ve identified your USP and competitive advantage, how do you use Florida Internet marketing to brand it?

You first figure out a concise way to explain your advantage. Come up with a tagline. Then, take that tagline and put it everywhere – in ads, on social media pages, in emails, on newsletters, on a blog, and certainly on the website.

Then, spread the word. Share how you pride yourself on your competitive advantage and explain the benefits of your advantage for your client base. Do it visually, too; come up with graphics that feature your tagline and explain the advantage.

When you post socially, encourage people to like and share and tell others about what they can get here that they can’t find anywhere else.

With an aggressive approach, you can build an identity that revolves around your competitive advantage and USP and give yourself an edge in a market full of other businesses similar to – but not just like – you.