Defining You: What Every Business Must Do in Marketing

Defining You: What Every Business Must Do in Marketing

Marketing is all about telling some kind of story.

In most cases, the story is about what you can do for other people, whether through your products or your services. Telling that story well can mean the difference between becoming a success and becoming an also-ran.

In business marketing, the story depends on what you are trying to impart to your audience. That is why it is very important to nail down you – to accurately and convincingly define the benefits you offer your clients and customers.

For example, a seafood restaurant doesn’t just offer good food. That is expected. What you should really offer is a memorable experience – a night with family and friends spent over a few delicious dishes. For an attorney, you aren’t offering legal knowledge; you’re offering reassurance, guidance, and support during a challenge.

Think of the benefits you offer someone – the reasons why someone would want to hire you or buy one of your products or visit your store. That is you, from a marketing standpoint, and that is the story you want to tell.

It helps to list out the benefits your audience will gain by working with you. These key benefits are what you’re selling, and they don’t have to be tangible. In other words, if you sell gardening equipment, you don’t have to just list things like, “My equipment helps people landscape their yards”. It can be things like, “My equipment is reliable and made to last, so a person can rest assured they have quality tools with which to make their yards beautiful”.

It also helps to create a vision statement and a mission statement for a business. A mission statement is your purpose; a vision statement is where you want to go and what you ultimately want to be.

Focus on defining you and what you offer in every way possible. That will form the basis for how you differentiate yourself and how you promote your business. Try to connect with people on an emotional basis when you come up with your benefits and you’ll have more success.