Did Your Google Ranking Drop? This Might Be Why

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Did Your Google Ranking Drop? This Might Be Why

Thirty years ago, when people needed to find a business or service provider, they pulled out their trusty Yellow Pages. Today, most consumers start their search online—which means your Google ranking can be worth its weight in gold.  Appearing in the coveted top spot of a Google search is ideal, but even a front-page placement can help you attract a significant number of customers. Unfortunately, if your ranking falls to page two (or, *gulp* page 3 or beyond), your customers will have  a hard time finding you.

If your Google ranking has dropped and you can’t seem to figure out why—keep reading.

You’re stuffing your keywords

Ten-plus years ago, keyword stuffing was the way to go. What that meant, is that once a company identified their relevant keywords, the more times they used them in their content- the better. Yet while keywords stuffing was smiled upon by the search engine crawlers, it resulted in awkwardly written content.  As a general rule of thumb, your primary keyword  / keyword phrase should appear in the title of a post and roughly every 500 words thereafter. Anything else is not only superfluous, it could affect your ranking.

Your keywords have changed

Just because you did a bunch of keyword research 4 years ago, that’s not to say what worked in the past still works today. Similar to trends in fashion, keywords phase in and out of style. If your page titles, title tags and meta descriptions haven’t been updated in you-can’t-remember-how-long and your google ranking has dropped, it may be time to update your keyword research.

You’re not adding fresh content

We’ve used this analogy in the past but it’s worth dusting off. Imagine you’re shopping for fresh-baked bread.  On one side of the street is Store A- it smells good, the bread in the window is still warm, and it looks like it’s just been taken out of the oven. On the other side of the street is Store B. Although it also smells amazing, the bread in the window looks like it’s been there for at least a month. Which store would you go into?

Are we suggesting you add new pages to your website every week to prevent it from going stale? No. But we are suggesting that you add a blog. Adding a blog is a great way to add keyword-rich content in a way that’s not visually superfluous.

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