Digital Marketing Advice: How Long Should My Videos Be?

Digital Marketing Advice: How Long Should My Videos Be?


Videos are terrific digital marketing tools. Everyone loves to watch a nice video – it beats reading a lot of the times, plus they’re easy to understand and follow.

But when creating a video, a lot of questions pop up. One of the main questions that is often asked is this: how long should a good video be?

The answer to this question really depends on the desired purpose of the video and who will be watching it. Sometimes, if you are explaining a deep or complex topic, the video will need to be longer. Other times, if you are simply sharing something cool, the video will need to be shorter.

Shorter videos tend to be promotional in nature. They tend to only feature one or two topics or subjects at the most. They are good if you want to be straight to the point and not take up a lot of time. For these, a length of 30 seconds or less is a good length to shoot for. For social media sharing, you can go even shorter. Vine is only six seconds long, and it is a very successful platform.

For something that needs to be explained in more depth, a longer time is fine. There’s no real upper limit, but as a general rule of thumb, keep your videos under three minutes if at all possible. A video that discusses a new product or service should be anywhere between 30 seconds to two minutes. If you go over, you will begin to lose people.

The best way to determine if your video is too long or too short is to test it. Let a few people watch it and get their feedback. When shooting a video, remember: it is far easier to cut film than to add to it after the fact.