Digital Marketing: Free and Easy Ways to Find Social Media Metrics

Digital Marketing: Free and Easy Ways to Find Social Media Metrics

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Social media metrics are things that people all say they want, but rarely use – mostly because they believe it’s expensive to compile statistical reports and analyze them for helpful information.

For business owners who think this way, there is a solution – and it’s free.

Believe it or not, there are several sources of free social media metrics that can tell you a good bit about your audience and how effective your approach is. Here are a few and what you can learn from them.

Facebook Insights

Any Facebook business page with at least 30 likes can access Insights, which was recently overhauled. Insights can tell you where your audience is from, what they like, what they don’t like, and more. It can also tell you what parts of your page are performing the best – and worst – which can help you refine your posting strategy.


LinkedIn also has helpful statistics for business pages, grouped into two categories: Followers and Company Updates.

The Followers page tells you what you want to know about your followers, including where they are from, how senior they are, what industry they are in, and their occupation or role. The Company Updates tab tells you what you want to know about your content, such as impressions, clicks, engagement percentage, and more.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a phenomenal resource for website performance statistics that can also be used to see how much web traffic your social media networks send to your site.

If you check out Sources under the Traffic tab, you can see which networks are the best referral sources. You can also set up your site to provide more in-depth info about social activity, including conversions from social sources and how much each social source is worth.


Finally, even Twitter has gotten into the act. Twitter now lets you view statistics about your tweets in its Ads dashboard, which lets you see the favorites, retweets, and replies each tweet has garnered. It’s not as robust as the other options, but you can gain valuable insight as to how well each tweet performs, which helps you craft better tweets.

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