Does My Business Need a Website

Does My Business Need a Website

Does My Business Need a Website?

Starting a new business can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. On one hand, you want to make sure potential customers can find you, but on the other, you need to make sure you’re managing your costs.

If you’re wondering if you really need a website, the answer is yes. You 100%, absolutely need to invest in a website.

Websites don’t have to be expensive

In the earliest days of the Internet, websites were expensive. But the same is true of flat screen TVs and MP3 players. Just because websites of the past were expensive that’s not to say that in today’s word, you’ll need to pay an arm and a leg.

If you don’t have a website your customers won’t be able to find you

A few years ago, a member of the WBN Marketing team was traveling in Mexico- and she did quite a bit of online research before she got there.  By the time she arrived, she had a full list of the places she wanted to visit and the restaurants she wanted to try.

On her last day of her vacation, she stumbled upon the most amazing cafe. Not only was it packed, but the food was unlike anything she’d ever tasted. Her meal was nothing short of incredible, and she didn’t understand how she hadn’t heard of the café in advance.

The reason for this was simple- the restaurant didn’t have a website. Their primary means of Internet advertising was a Facebook page.

Statistics show that in today’s world, more than 80% of people search for a business online prior to making a buying decision. Regardless as to whether you own a mattress store, an Irish pub or a lighting fixtures store, if you don’t have a website, your customers may not be able to find you.

If your customers can’t find you (or don’t know your business exists), you could be losing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

A website gives your business credibility

Did you know that more than 50% of consumers say they don’t trust businesses that don’t have websites? If you don’t have one, you may be hurting your bottom line.

Now only does a website give you credibility, it can help you make a good first impression on your customers.   For more information on the benefits of having a website (and to learn how to use your website in conjunction with your social media pages), call WBN Marketing today to learn more.