Don’t Ignore the Power of Guest Blogging

Don’t Ignore the Power of Guest Blogging

If you have a blog, terrific – you’re off to a great start on your marketing adventure.

Don’t just think, though, that simply posting on your blog is all you can do. You can go a step further by finding new audiences full of new readers to read your blog – and that means being a guest blogger and getting guest bloggers on your blog.

Why People Don’t Guest Blog?

You’d be surprised how many people don’t take advantage of what guest blogging can offer.

One common reason is because people think having someone else write on their blog is bad for business. They assume they’ll “steal traffic” from their own blog, or something to that affect. That’s not true, but it is a prevalent mindset.

Another common reason is because they think it’s too hard, or that no other blog could possibly want their writing.

And yet another reason is because people simply don’t know where to begin or how to go about doing it.

Guest Blogging Made Easy

Guest blogging is easier than you think, though.

Start by doing this: Think about other types of professionals who complement your services, or have readers who you want to target. Look for those outlets and take a bit of time to read blog posts and get a feel for what the blog talks about and how you could tie in what you do in a way that makes sense and is interesting to the blog’s audience.

Then, simply write an email with a basic pitch. Briefly explain who you are, then provide a potential blog topic you’d like to offer and explain how that connects with the other blog’s readership – why they would find it intriguing.

To get other people to guest post on your blog, the process is basically the same. Invite them with an email and explain how it’s a good fit. Most of the time, they’ll say yes.

Guest blogging can provide new streams of traffic to your website – all you have to do is get started!

Nella DeCesare, Marketing Strategist