Email Marketing is Not Advertising

Email Marketing is Not Advertising

signSome of my clients are very interested in email marketing, which is great! The bad news is that some don’t have a good in-house list. I’ve been asked this question, ” Can I just buy or rent a list?”

Well, sure you can BUT how effective will your email efforts be?  Strong email relationships can only come from your house list. On a third-party list, their expectation is to not hear from you. They never opted-in. You’re assuming they want something they’ve never asked for, and you’re encouraging them to click the “spam”button.

Sure, sending to third-party lists can work, but your better off spending your dollars on your database, which are the best leads you have.

Advertising is great, but it’s not good email marketing. Good emails are anticipated by subscribers and are relevant to their needs. This is why a good house list is so valuable. Bad emails arrive out of nowhere and interrupt people when they’re doing something else. This is why emailing third-party lists is among the least-effective email marketing tactic today.

But what if you don’t have a list? The answer is simple: you have to build one. It may take a little time to build a good list, but it is WORTH it.

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