Facebook Instant Articles Are Coming

Facebook Instant Articles Are Coming

Have you heard of Facebook Instant Articles?

If you haven’t, it’s worth learning about because it can change how you make use of Facebook and content.

To explain Facebook Instant Articles, take a look at the Facebook app. Whenever you click on a link to a blog or article, you have to wait for the website to load.

That can be annoying, and can lead to people not reading your content. With Facebook Instant Articles, you can improve that.

Instant Articles basically allows publishers (i.e. you) to optimize the content you’re publishing on Facebook so that readers can instantly access it – hence the name.

This is mainly for mobile users, which matters because the vast majority of people who use Facebook today do so from mobile devices. If they click on a blog link from a desktop app, it’ll go to the website as normal.

One thing to note: Traffic from Facebook Instant Articles won’t actually count as referral traffic. Referral traffic is traffic that is sent to your website from outside sources. Normally, you can track how much traffic comes from Facebook, but with Instant Articles, you can’t.

How to Take Advantage

If you want to publish on Facebook Instant Articles for social media in Naples, FL, you’ll need a few things. You’ll need:

  • Facebook Pages app
  • RSS feed to automate publishing
  • Markup on your website/blog (If you have WordPress, there’s a plugin in the works)
  • 50 articles at a minimum, ready to submit for approval

The last requirement is a bit stiff for some businesses who may not have 50 articles laying around. If that’s you, don’t worry – you don’t have to rush. Keep creating content as usual, and you’ll get there.

Publishing on Facebook is a great tactic for increasing reach via social media in Naples, FL. The platform is already in beta for certain publishers and should be launching in April.