Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn…Oh My!

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn…Oh My!

When I’m asked about social media by clients, it is usually this question: “Do I  really need to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?”

social media manager1 The answer is…it depends.  Sorry; I know it is not the clear cut answer you’re looking for, but the extent of your social media efforts truly do depend on many variables.  So let’s start with Facebook.

 Let’s forget for a minute that there are about 53 million plus users on Facebook right now. Let’s also forget that it is a FREE way to get your brand in front of many, many people. Aside from that, Facebook users do consist of many age demographics, so whatever your business may be – food, computers, construction, real estate, or doily-making – chances are that your audience does use facebook to communicate with colleagues as well as family.  If you have a business, I would feel confident about recommending a business page and regular posting and activity on your part.  In addition, using a Facebook business page tells your clients that you are NOT operating in the Stone Age – an important image to portray nowadays. For this reason alone, I would recommend everyone use it!

 In regards to LinkedIn, I’ve had many clients say the only people they find on LinkedIn are business associates and not necessarily customers; they are questioning whether it’s worth it.  If you have something to gain by keeping in touch with business associates then, yes, you should use it.  For example, if you’re a realtor there is a benefit to using linked in; your peers may have clients who are interested in your listing.  You want to keep in contact with peers who can increase your business or provide referrals.  If you’re working in an industry that may not necessarily allow you benefits of getting to know your business peers or competitors (probably few indistries), then maybe it’s worth taking another look at the purpose.

Lastly, there is Twitter. This is a definite social platform that you want to review value based on your industry/business.  If your audience is made up of younger folks who follow Twitter, then this may be right for you.  With Twitter, you’re giving short bursts of information periodically through the day – is your audience going to benefit is the bottom line question? Personally, I don’t think Twitter is right for every business.

 While you may need to think about some of these questions, keep in mind there are tools out there that will allow you to update all three social media platforms, plus your blog, with one posting.  So time invested shouldn’t really be a factor in your decision.  I personally do post to all three (in addition to Google Plus now), but I’m set up to do so via Hootsuite.com, a tool that will minimize the time it takes to post to multiple social media platforms.  Also, you can connect Facebook with Twitter for crossover posting as well. All in all, I would caution anyone who is thinking about not using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for whatever reason, as they all are FREE marketing tools that can work if used correctly. However, if you must choose, think about YOUR audience and choose wisely!!