Google + grows quickly – biggest social network launch ever

Google + grows quickly – biggest social network launch ever

google plus1Not that we need another social network, but I can help wonder myself if Google + is worth taking a look at.  It had the biggest social network launch ever, reaching 10 million users in 2 weeks. Facebook, alledgedly, took more than 2 years to reach 10 million users, and only hit the milestone after opening its network beyond college and high-school students.

 Google + is based on the Google Circles feature, which lets you share and view content to and from explicitly identified groups of your contacts, and no one else.  I’ve heard it is really easy to use and I plan on giving it a test drive myself soon.

However, I also wonder if Google +’s explicitly identifiable groups of contacts sort of defeats the purpose of social networking. After all, isn’t the benefit of social networking trying to network and meet people you don’t know that well, but you think you could benefit from having a relationship with them? Call me silly, but that is what I kinda use it for!

Ok, I get eliminating the contacts that are just there to talk about things that I could care less about when it comes to business.  BUT, those are the things that sometimes help you make the connection you need! (i.e. “Loved your baby pics! BTW, loved your article on…can we have lunch sometime?)

I guess I can’t make a true assessment until I give Google + a try.  But, I don’t think I’m ready to replace my Facebook and LinkedIn quite yet. Both have helped me make contacts with many who I’ve benefited from doing so.

Stay tuned for my Google + assessment!

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