Have You Seen These Three Trends in Florida Web Design?

Have You Seen These Three Trends in Florida Web Design?

Florida web design is constantly evolving. From the ancient days of Geocities websites to the more advanced designs today, web design is always moving forward – and having a great website means staying ahead of the curve.

Already in 2015 we have seen a few new trends develop that are becoming more commonplace in the industry. These trends can help your website stand out. Some are small (even though small details are still important). Some are more involved. But all can contribute.

Here are three trends in Florida web design that are taking over the Internet.

Ghost Buttons

Buttons are important. Some would say they’re the single most important feature on a website. After all, if you don’t know where to click, how can you learn more, or purchase something, or sign up for something?

Traditionally, a button is a single, solid color that contrasts with the background. But now, people are trending toward ghost buttons – buttons that are either empty and completely transparent or semi-transparent. They blend in with the background, and are only noticeable because of their borders, which often are different colors.

You can pair a ghost button with a traditional button to give your visitor two options: one you really want them to do (the traditional ‘Buy Now’ button) and one you want them to do only if they don’t want to do the first thing (the ghost ‘Learn More’ button).

Dynamic Backgrounds

Another trend, made possible by the development of HTML5, is dynamic backgrounds.

A dynamic background is moving and alive instead of static and unmoving, like virtually all backgrounds. It’s either an animation or a video set in the background of a website that runs while you browse through the website.

It’s fresh, cool, and immersive, and a lot of brands are taking advantage. Check out this website for a festival in France and notice how it coolly integrates a dynamic background into the website.

Going Big

Websites today are going big in order to create a more impressive visual experience.

By going big, we mean featuring large, full-size images on the home page that dominate the website space. Often, these large pictures take up the entire screen and feature minimal text and navigation. They’re meant to showcase art and design, and offer an interesting alternative to the traditional website layout.

Check out the website for Tatamagouche Brewery for a good example of a big, detailed background with minimal aspects.

What are some other Florida web design trends you’ve noticed?