Hire or do it yourself? Marketing help doesn’t cost as much as you think.

Hire or do it yourself? Marketing help doesn’t cost as much as you think.

Nowadays, we are all budget conscious.  And, we are trying to stretch 16 hours of work into an 8-hour day! Sound familiar? If you’re like most, you need to spend more time with your marketing but simply cannot carve out the time! You’ve probably thought about hiring marketing assistance, but have been deterred at the potential cost. Seriously – who really can afford a marketing agency, monthly retainer, absurd hourly rates, etc.?

I happen to agree wholeheartedly with you! But thanks to a different kind of marketing help available to you now, you don’t have to pay a small mint for marketing assistance.  Like WBN Marketing (my company), there are many new emerging marketing companies out there who provide a variety of marketing services on an a la carte basis without a monthly retainer. Let me give you an example scenario:

You really want to do some email marketing and improve your online presence. You have the email addresses and you have the message/offer. What you don’t have is the email design know-how, the tech-savvy experience, the call-to-action verbiage, or frankly, the time to maintain an effective monthly email campaign or write a blog.  An “a la carte” marketing company can provide the resources you need to pull the email campaign together at a fraction of the cost than an advertising agency would charge –  and help you with populating your blog with original content, setting up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Another scenario might be that you need some print materials and you have a logo and some old copy that needs updating. There is just no need to have an agency re-invent the wheel; you just need a new brochure.  An a la carte marketing company can provide the design, some copy updating/editing and print services if needed – all for an affordable hourly rate.

A third scenario might be that you are a new business owner and you need some promotional materials, an online presence, and some strategic advice. Again, your a la carte marketing company can provide all of this for a reasonable cost.

How is this possible?

Fo my company, WBN Marketing, I bring my clients the most reasonable rates in this marketplace because I can bring the most affordable resources to my clients. This includes my staff as well as my partners.  There is office space rent, operating or utility costs being passed along to my clients. When it’s time to meet, I come to you. We also don’t discriminate between the needs of a small business versus a large business – in fact, our specialty is the small business owner!

By not getting help, you’re jeopardizing your reputation and your credibility. Why not look into a la carte marketing services? You have nothing to lose by checking into it, right?

Call or email me anytime if you want to find out how my a la carte marketing services fit your budget as well as your strategy.

Nella DeCesare