How Content Marketing Can Help Grow Your Bottom Line

How Content Marketing Can Help Grow Your Bottom Line

In today’s digital age, businesses need to embrace newer, broader marketing strategies if they want to reach a wider audience. And while pay-per-click ads and sponsored social media posts are good, having a solid content marketing plan is better.

Content what?

If you’ve been following our blog you’ve likely found a few posts on how search engine optimization (SEO) works.  You’ve also likely read that websites that post consistent, well-researched content tend to rank better than those that don’t.

Content marketing is what happens when businesses create and distribute relevant, valuable content to a pre-defined audience. When done properly, it can improve a website’s ranking and increase and your client conversion rate.

How it works

When you create quality content, links can be cross posted on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where it can be shared (and re-shared) by your followers. In addition to helping establish you as being an expert in your field, content marketing creates brand awareness and in some cases, user engagement.

Types of content marketing

  • Infographics If you’re wanting to help your clients with a tutorial, an infographic is a great way to share the message. If you don’t have an in-house design team, that’s OK. Most businesses find they can outsource infographic creation to a freelancer and that the work can often be done at a reasonable cost.
  • Podcasts When you launch a podcast, you open your business up to an entirely different plane of visibility. This type of media allows you to provide advice or information to listeners in a free, on-demand fashion. Well-planned podcasts often lead to increased brand awareness and increased sales revenue.
  • Video Some people feel more comfortable creating videos than they do podcasts, and that’s OK. Videos can be posted on YouTube and cross-shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Although many people think that podcasts and videos will be expensive (and difficult) to create, they couldn’t be more wrong.


Cater to your target demographic

The key to good content marketing is to create a well-researched, relevant product (ie: blog post, video, podcast) that’s helpful to your target audience. You should determine what the needs of your clients are (and what problem your product can help them solve) and explain the solution that your product provides.

Regardless as to which type of content your producing, you’ll want to make sure it’s informative, engaging and sends a clear message. In addition to providing your audience with a solution they may have not previously considered; your content will help establish your business as being an authority in its field.

Get started today

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