How Do You Create Viral Content with Social Media Marketing?

How Do You Create Viral Content with Social Media Marketing?

Everyone has heard of viral content – content that spreads around the country as fast as an epidemic. This content is widely shared, widely viewed, and widely discussed, and can drive a lot of traffic to a website.  

But it’s not as easy as saying, “I’m going to create a viral piece of content and have it go crazy.” Whether you’re posting a quiz that has gotten over 17 million views, or sharing an article that takes you on a sweat-inducing trip through China, viral content takes work.

The folks at did a great job with analyzing and dissecting exactly what it takes to make viral content. Here are a few tips that they found helpful.

Pick Your Audience Well

Viral content depends on the type of audience you choose. You can make two mistakes here: going too broad and not really latching on to a specific audience that is likely to share your content; or going too specific and creating something that will only be of interest to a very small number of people.

The best audience starts with a core of specific people who are passionate about whatever you are sharing. That audience then flows into a bigger audience of people who would be interested if they saw your piece shared with them. From there, it flows to a larger audience of people who would be interested if they saw that a lot of other people were interested.

Make Your Content Interactive

There’s a reason why some of the most popular pieces of viral content are interactive: people like doing things and participating.

A quiz or survey can be a great way to get interaction and encourage sharing. You don’t have to do anything fancy or overly technical, either; a simple survey will do.

Invoke Emotions

The key ingredient to something viral is emotion. People respond to something that triggers their emotions. A quiz about what career people should really have took off because people like to dream and wonder. A video about something inspiring is always popular because people crave inspiration.

Use emotions in your content and it’s more likely to go viral.

The best part is that these are solid principles to use even if your content doesn’t catch fire and go viral. You can still create better content for social media marketing if you apply these to the content you create.