How Local SEO Works | SEO Services in Florida

How Local SEO Works | SEO Services in Florida

Earlier this summer, we talked about the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO in and of itself is hugely important for the success of your website. It’s like building roads to a restaurant in the middle of nowhere; without the roads, no one will come eat at your establishment. But with roads, the possibilities are endless.

Local SEO is very similar. Local SEO services in Florida gives you the ability to ensure that the information displayed online in search results and in listings is correct and exactly what you want it to say.

After all, if it isn’t correct, not only will people have a hard time finding you, but Google won’t trust your website as much.

Here’s how local SEO works.

The Pyramid of Data Providers

Google buys a preponderance of its information on websites all across the world from a variety of data providers who give search engines listings complete with names, addresses, phone numbers, links, and other vital pieces of data.

The biggest data providers, in turn, buy their data from smaller providers. They, in turn, buy from even smaller providers.

It’s like a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid, you have outfits all over the world who collect data info from a variety of sources, especially over the phone. These aren’t very sophisticated businesses, so much of their data is incorrect or outdated. (It’s only logical; there are, after all, millions of local businesses all across the globe).

Fixing Incorrect Data

If your data is incorrect at any spot along this line or pyramid, your listing will be incorrect. That results in people not finding your business. It also results in lower search engine rankings.

Local SEO services in Florida fix this problem by going through and manually correcting all of your incorrect data. It takes a few months, but in the end, you have listings that are correct and accurate and, more importantly, helpful when it comes to rankings.

Some of this comes from updating listings; some of it comes from doing phone verifications. All of it contributes to better results when people search.