How Manual Link Building is Helpful | SEO Services in Florida

How Manual Link Building is Helpful | SEO Services in Florida

What determines how high a website ranks in search engine results?

There are tons of factors, and not all of them are readily apparent. But one of the ones that traditionally has mattered is links, namely incoming links from other websites to your own.

These traditionally have demonstrated authority and credibility for your website, since a link that comes from another reputable website is a good sign of respect. But emphasis on link-building has gone down over the years because people have become good at developing spammy, black-hat ways to build links in mass.

Fortunately, link-building isn’t dead – you just have to go about it manually instead of trying to build links in bulk.

There are several reasons for this. The most important reason is because Google frowns upon automated, bulk link-building practices, to the point where they’ll penalize your website if you try to benefit from them.

Another reason is because incoming links have to be reputable and valuable, and come from reputable, authoritative sites. If they don’t, they’re not worth much. The bad news for spammers is these links, the good ones, are really hard to get in an automated way. You have to go about it manually.

This is because website owners and managers are wary of adding links to their website unless there’s a good reason to do so, and if you’re just shotgunning out a pitch for a link, you won’t get very far because these website owners won’t trust you.

That’s why a part of SEO services in Florida is approaching websites in a personalized, one-on-one manner and trying to get them to add a link the old-fashioned way: manually, by asking them.

It’s a lot like a PR person getting an article placed in a newspaper or magazine. The same principles apply. But know that it takes work and time and isn’t something you can automate with a press of a button. You have to put in the work to make it happen. It’s worth it, though – especially if it helps your website rank higher.

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