How Often Should You Use a Keyword?

How Often Should You Use a Keyword?

When executing SEO services in Florida for clients, we always focus on emphasizing the right keyword. We’ve written previously on what the right keyword is and how to find it, but one thing we haven’t specifically covered is quantity – i.e. how often should you use a keyword?

Years ago, when SEO was in its infancy, you would use a keyword as often as you could. It was called keyword spamming, and while it was bad, it was effective – until Google decided to crack down on the practice.

Then, we evolved to where there were generally accepted rules for how often you should use a keyword, such as 1-2% of the time in a 500-word post or page. But even that rule of thumb has seemingly gone away.

Are there guidelines now, in today’s digital world, for keyword usage on the front and back ends of a website?

Keyword Guidelines for SEO Services in Florida

In general, there are. There’s nothing like the 1-2% rule from years ago, but there are general guidelines. For example, for most pages, you should include the keyword:

  • Once in the title
  • Once in a headline or header
  • 2-3 times in the content itself
  • Once in a meta description

That’s basic. For example, in this post, we’ve used “SEO services in Florida” three times already – once in a header and twice in the body. (We also have it in the meta description and the page title, which you can’t see).

To go further, you can also include the keyword:

  • In subheaders at least once
  • Once in the URL
  • Once per image in the img alt tag
  • Once in image names

This will round out how often you should use the keyword. Be careful that you don’t go overboard with it; having the keyword too many times is the same as spamming the keyword, which will get your page pinged.