How online reviews can help land you new clients

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, if you needed to buy a product or service, you likely started by asking your friends, family members, and/or coworkers if they knew of a company that they could refer you to.  The rationale behind asking for referrals was simple- if a company did a good job for someone else, they’ll probably do a good job for you.

At the same time, not everyone has the name and number for a roofer, electrician, or furniture upholstery service programmed into their smartphone.  If you need to hire a specialty service, such as a company that will set up a bounce house and provide a magician for your child’s 4th birthday party, there’s an even lesser chance that someone you know might be able to point you in a good direction.

This is where online reviews come in.

A tale of a search for a hair stylist

Earlier this year, one of our staff members, Margie, (who has been working for us remotely for the past several years), decided she wanted to treat her mom to a haircut and color for Mother’s Day. However, her mother lived in a different city, and neither Margie (nor her mother) knew of any good colorists in that city.

“I found the colorist that I go to after my friends started using her,” she said. “She did a great job for them, and everyone’s hair looked amazing. Unfortunately, my mother lives about 2,500 miles away so booking her an appointment with my stylist wasn’t going to be feasible.”

Margie decided to take her search to Yelp.

“I wound up finding a Yelp page for a woman who’d posted numerous before and after photos of her clients,” she continued. “The photos were impressive, to say the least.”

What’s more, is that the stylist had two dozen 5-star reviews from prior clients.

“I was nervous sending my mom to someone who I knew nothing about, but her online reviews spoke for herself,” she concluded. “I was a little wary, but her hair turned out incredible. I never would have found this woman had it not been for her Yelp page.”

In closing

If your business doesn’t have Google reviews, social media reviews, or a Yelp page, you may want to consider pursuing that. Not only will this help ensure your business is able to put its best foot forward, it could help land you some additional clients.

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