How Online Reviews Can Help Your Business Grow

How Online Reviews Can Help Your Business Grow

It’s hard to imagine how people evaluated (and hired) a service provider before the Internet was invented.  Back then, it was all about who had the flashiest ad in the Yellow Pages or which company had the biggest budget for media buys.

Fast forward to 2019—and you can see how things have changed. In today’s world, the “small guy” can rank just as high as their corporate competitors—and it’s all thanks to online reviews.

If you feel the best way to grow your business is to make sure you’re providing the best possible customers service, this is great– but if you don’t have a platform where current and past clients can talk about their experience in working with your company, you’re likely missing out on thousands (if not tens of thousands of dollars) in sales.

Yelp, Google+ and Facebook, oh my

You don’t need a high level of technical sophistication to set up a Yelp, Google+ or Facebook page. The reason that these websites are important are because each one gives prior clients a chance to talk about the type and level of customer service they received when they worked with your business.

Like it or not- online reviews matter. In fact, recent studies have found that more than 90 percent of people check out online reviews on a regular basis, and nearly 85 percent of those polled say they trust an online review as much as they’d trust a word-of-mouth review from a friend or family member.

How to get reviews

We once knew of a dog daycare provider that offered clients a free, full-day of care in exchange for a Yelp review that included a photo. We’ve also heard about coffee shops that have traded free lattes for Yelp or Facebook reviews, and restaurants that have enticed clients with free appetizers for doing the same.

If you collect email addresses as part of your sales cycle, don’t be shy about sending off a customer satisfaction survey after a transaction is complete.

In closing

Word of mouth advertising is great, but in today’s world, your customers are far more likely to Yelp search a business to learn about them, as opposed to calling neighbors to see if anyone has anything to say about a particular service provider.

It’s also worth mentioning that online reviews can help boost your search engine rankings, which can also help enhance your bottom line. Online reviews are a win-win, all the way around.

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