How to advertise your brand on LinkedIn

Last week, we talked about the benefits of advertising on TikTok. However, if your online marketing team feels that advertising on LinkedIn would be a better way to reach your target demographic, below are just a few of the things you’ll want to keep in mind.

According to the LinkedIn ads blog, their ad platform offers a variety of ads designed to help you reach your marketing objectives, such as using sponsored content ads (that appear in the LinkedIn news feed), sponsored messaging, dynamic ads, and text ads.

Similar to advertising on other social platforms, you can set your budget, choose your target demographic, and choose the objectives that matter the most to you. For example, are you trying to increase your brand’s awareness, or, are you aiming to improve your website visits, user engagement, or video views? Their ads platform will also ask if you have alternate goals, such as improving lead generation, website conversions, or if you’d like to increase the number of job applicants you get when you’re looking to fill an open position.

Once you know the goal of your campaign, step 2 involves defining your targeting criteria.  According to their website:

It’s natural to want to focus your targeting as much as possible, but it’s also an easy way to exclude valuable audience segments. Probably the most common hyper-targeting mistake is over-targeting directors and executives. Try not to include too many overly specific targeting parameters in your ads. Instead… focus on the right parameters. Zero in on where your audience really is with the goal of using fewer and fewer parameters to find them. You’ll reach more people without sacrificing effective targeting. Lastly, always be A/B testing. Create two campaigns that are exactly the same, and then change ONE variable. If one performs better than the other, then you’ll know why.

Lastly, after you’ve established your goals and your audience, you can choose your ad format, your budget, and your ad schedule.

In closing

Are you looking to grow your brands’ awareness by advertising your product or service on LinkedIn? Are you wondering how you can incorporate LinkedIn advertising into your broader online marketing strategy?  The team at WBN Marketing has decades of combined experience in helping businesses just like yours develop effective, targeted digital campaigns across a variety of social media platforms.