How to Do Guest Blogging Correctly

How to Do Guest Blogging Correctly

In content marketing, blogs are very powerful. They build your authority, inform your audience, provide helpful advice, and give your audience something to read that interests them. This enables stronger brand relationships, which only helps your business.

One tactic people have used with blogs involves guest blogging. This is the practice by which you get someone to post on your blog, or you get a blog post of yours posted on someone else’s blog.

The idea is that a blog post posted elsewhere will have a link that points back to your website, which helps your SEO results (because it shows Google your website is authoritative). But, there are plenty of ways to go wrong with guest blogging.

Here are some guidelines to guest blogging correctly.

Make Sure the Other Website is Relevant

You want to submit your blog posts to other websites so you can earn backlinks, but you only want to do this for websites that are relevant to what you do.

If you are an accountant, for example, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get a backlink from a travel website. But, it makes sense for you to get a backlink by guest posting on a website dedicated to personal finance.

Create Unique Content

Also, when guest blogging, you want to make sure your content is unique. You don’t want to ever post something on your website then send the exact same copy to another website for posting. It’ll only hurt your rankings. A piece of content should be posted online only once. It can be shared elsewhere, but it can’t be duplicated.

Focus On the User First

Finally, focus on the user first, then the search engines.

Make sure your guest content is user-friendly, easily readable, and informative. Don’t spam keywords. If there are links in the post (and there should be), make sure they use anchor text and point back to your website, particularly pages that are related to what your post talks about.

If you focus on making your guest content appealing to your audience, search engines will like it. And, the person whom you have asked to host your content will be more likely to have you post something else in the future.