How to Hire an SEO Consultant

How to Hire an SEO Consultant

With the need to learn about and incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies within the business-marketing plan, the hiring of an SEO firm or consultant has become a conversation at the forefront of marketing strategy development. Recently, Google released a video offering suggestions on how to go about hiring an SEO consultant. In the video, Google’s Maile Ohye walks viewers through the process of what questions to ask, what to look for and what to avoid in searching for an SEO consultant or firm to work with.

Maile outlines the entire process in three steps. She suggests conducting a two-way interview with a potential SEO firm or consultant and she says to gauge whether you believe they are genuinely interested in you and your business. Next, Maile says it is very important to check their references. The third step is to ask for a technical and search audit.

Maile says, “If you want long-term success, there aren’t any quick magical tricks that SEO will provide so that your site ranks number one. It’s important to note that SEOs potential is only as high as the quality of your business or website, so successful SEO helps your website put your best foot forward so that it ranks appropriately in the spot where an unbiased potential customers would expect your site to be seen. A successful SEO also looks to improve the entire searcher experience, from search results to clicking on your website and potentially converting.”

Maile also suggests you request that a potential SEO consultant corroborate any recommendation they may make for your website with a documented statement from Google, either in a help center article, video, of Googler response in a forum, that supports BOTH their description of the issue that needs to be improved to help with ranking AND the approach they are recommending to accomplish the task at hand.

Below is the full video: