How to Write Better Headlines for Your Content Marketing | Ft Myers Marketing

How to Write Better Headlines for Your Content Marketing | Ft Myers Marketing

When it comes to creating good content – content that makes people want to read or watch – the headline is super important.

After all, a headline is one of the most important components of a piece of content, whether you’re talking about a blog post, a web page, an email, an ad, or something similar.

You need to:

  • Catch their eye and get their attention
  • Draw them in with something interesting
  • Promise something of value

Each headline you create needs to give people a reason to want to continue on. Here is a quick guide on how you can write better headlines for your content, wherever you need them.

Have a Value Proposition

Each headline needs to have a value proposition of some sort. In other words, you need to actually offer or imply something worthwhile that will come from reading or watching.

The headline of this post, for example, offers a direct benefit: you’ll learn how to make your headlines better, which will help your content stand out and be viewed. That’s the implication.

Another example is: “Three Ways to Boost Open Rates for Email Marketing.”

The value proposition is pretty clear: you’ll learn how to get more of your emails opened, which is great.

Offer to Explain and Educate

Clearly offer a way to explain something or educate someone on something. That is why the “How to ____” format is so popular. People like to learn, especially if it’ll help them.

Another popular format is to use numbers, like “Three ways to _____”, or “Four reasons why ____”. People like numbers and lists. It gives them an expectation of what they’ll get. This works even better if you can tie it into something they’ll learn as a result of your content.

Be Clear Over Clever

Clever headlines are fun to read, and they can make you laugh, but it is far more important to be clear. Clarity is underrated. You want people to know exactly what they’ll get, and since space is limited, that is often all you’ll have time to do. So make it count by being accurate and brief.

Tie all of the above together and you can create compelling headlines for your content marketing and Ft Myers marketing.