How Video Is Incorporated into Google Results | SEO Services Florida

How Video Is Incorporated into Google Results | SEO Services Florida

We provide SEO services in Florida because SEO is extremely important. As a part of our service, we like to keep our clients updated on the latest trends in SEO – and have a major trend to report on this week.

Did you know that 55 percent of all Google search results contain at least one video? And did you know that 80 percent of these videos come from YouTube?

It’s true – and this shocking stat reveals just how important video can be when it comes to appearing on the first page and getting a high ranking.

The 55 percent figure is even bigger than the percentage – 40 percent – of results that featured an image, or the 16 percent that include a shopping result. This goes to show how important video can be, and how highly Google ranks videos.

There is a caveat, however; it appears Google values YouTube far greater than it does other video outlets. The share of the market in terms of the number of videos that appear in search results has grown tremendously for YouTube; two years ago, it was just 54 percent. Now it’s at 80 percent and rising.

How can you take advantage of this? As a part of our SEO services in Florida, we recommend submitting a wide variety of sources to the Google machine. This obviously includes video. Create videos – hosted on YouTube, ideally – that provide helpful and engaging material to your core readers. Use keywords in the description and embed them into your website. As the videos grow in popularity, so will your ranking, all things considered equal.

This doesn’t replace other forms of SEO, of course; it only augments them and makes them better. Videos don’t have to be professionally created to the tune of thousands of dollars, either. As long as they’re watchable, they can be shot with a smartphone and an affordable microphone.

Think of ideas for videos for your business and start incorporating them into your SEO strategy for best results.