How You Can Take Advantage of Vine and Instagram for Your Business?

How You Can Take Advantage of Vine and Instagram for Your Business?

This year, we saw a rise in the short video – as pioneered by Vine and then Instagram video.

Each of these apps lets you create extremely short video with the ultimate in convenience. All you do is hold down the record button when you want to record. The apps then splice the clips together automatically to create a six-second video (with Vine) or 15-second video (with Instagram).

The result? A video that is very easy to create and distribute.

How can you make use of these wonderful apps to promote your message?

Use Humor to Spread Your Message

Companies have really outdone themselves by making Vines and Instagrams that use humor as the primary selling point. This clever use of humor has created many viral videos that have spread brands far beyond the initial audience.

Take the recent series of Vines created by Tide for Halloween this year. Tide parodied six classic horror movies to promote its products, complete with Halloween-themed taglines and hashtags. The end result: a campaign that caught fire and spread everywhere.

You don’t have to be wickedly clever; instead, just take a lighter approach to your marketing. Try to play off current news, trends, and themes.

Focus on Just One Key Message

The appeal of these micro-videos is that they’re ultra-short, which means they’re easily viewed. One way you can capitalize on this is to focus your message on something that can be digested in just a few seconds.

This will actually help you make your messages more concise and effective. You can then create a series of Vines or Instagram videos and turn it into an ongoing campaign, one centered around a holiday (like the Tide campaign), a special event, an anniversary, or some other notable event.

Think of what you would watch, and then look at what other people are watching. That will give you inspiration for your business and help you use these awesome tools to great effect.

Nella DeCesare, Marketing Strategist