Important Do’s and Don’ts When Blogging For Your Website


Important Do’s and Don’ts When Blogging For Your Website

If you are considering adding a blog to your website, to improve your SEO, you may be wondering where to start. On one hand, you want to be informative and knowledgeable, but on the other hand, you may be wondering what types of topics you should cover. You might also have questions about how often to post, whether you should use photos, and how to incorporate keywords into your content.

It starts with the headline

When you are crafting a headline, you’ll want to choose something that draws people in. For example, if you are a bakery and you want to write a blog about wedding cakes, you’ll want a headline that makes people want to click on the link.  A less-than-exciting headline might read “wedding cake designs,” whereas a strong headline might be “4 wedding cake trends for 2020 that everyone is talking about.”

Be relevant

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make with their blogs relates to posting about topics that have nothing to do with their business.  If you own a shoe store, it is best to stick to topics that relate to shoes (as opposed to writing about politics or various cookie recipes.) The goal of a blog is to 1) establish your business as an authority in your field, and 2) to get people to go to your website and spend some time on it. Posting about random, irrelevant topics, will not accomplish either of those goals.

Don’t ramble

Blog posts should be informative and easy to read. Just say “no” to run-on sentences. Don’t elaborate on random thoughts, and make sure your content is tangent-free. (You’ll also want to run your content through spell and grammar check, to ensure that it passes muster.)

Be positive

Post that have positive content are far more likely to be shared than posts that are negative. When you post, keep things light and upbeat. This will increase our chances that your content will be shared on social media channels.

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in adding a blog to your website because you’re wanting to improve your organic SEO, we can help. When you work with WBN Marketing you’ll be working with a seasoned team of experts who understand how blogging works, what keywords to use to help your content rank, and the types of posts that will attract your target audience.

For more information on how we can help make your blog shine, call our office today to learn more.