How to Increase Your Website’s Click-through Rate | Naples Marketing

How to Increase Your Website’s Click-through Rate | Naples Marketing

When it comes to stats that determine how well Google ranks your website, click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important.

Higher CTR means that a higher percentage of people who see your link in an organic search click on it and go to your website. If 1,000 people see your link, and 100 people click on it, your CTR is 10 percent. The average CTR for a website in the top organic position is somewhere around 31 percent.

You want your CTR to be as high as possible, but increasing it has proven to be difficult for many small and medium businesses without the massive SEO budgets that large businesses enjoy.

How can you increase your CTR so it helps – not hurts – your website’s organic ranking? Here are some Naples marketing tips.

Use Emotion in the Headline

The headline – the text that shows up in blue once you search for something – is one of the most important factors in getting people to click. If your headline isn’t enticing, people won’t click.

One of the easiest ways to get people to click is to invoke emotion. If you can generate some kind of emotional response to your headline, you’ll get more clicks.

A typical example of a headline is “Naples Marketing – Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing”. That’s not very emotional. It just states services. What if it was something like, “Naples Marketing – Giving Business Owners the Joy of Making More Money”? That’s better.

Use Schema Markup

Schema markup (named after is a code you place on your website to give searchers more information when they see your website in search results. Instead of just a headline and a couple of lines of text, it has other information and links displayed just below the text.

Below, you’ll see schema markup for Apple’s organic listing:


Schema markup does help SEO results. It does so by increasing CTR. It also shows Google that your website has more to offer than the rest. And, since few businesses take advantage of schema markup, you’ll have a competitive advantage.

Use Benefits in the Meta Description

The meta description is the black text that appears below the headline. It has a big role to play in whether or not people click on your link.

Most businesses use pretty boring text that just describes what the company does. They don’t offer any benefits or any value to the searcher. Instead of just describing what you do, tell people – concisely – what benefits you offer. And don’t afraid to be humorous. It’ll give people more of a reason to click.

If you want more tips, talk to a Naples marketing agency and ask them how you can improve your website’s rankings.