Internal Links Carry Weight for SEO

Internal Links Carry Weight for SEO

In search engine optimization (SEO), inbound links are all the rage. You want as many high-quality links coming from authoritative websites to your website as you can get. The more the merrier. They have to be of quality, from reputable sources, naturally, but they are great ranking signals that boost your visibility in search.

We often forget about the other type of link: internal links.

An internal link is a link that leads from one page on your site to another page. These are also referred to as “cross-links”, so when you add links between your pages, you’re “cross-linking”.

We forget about these links because it doesn’t seem, at first glance, to be helpful. After all, surely Google doesn’t give you respect just because you create a bunch of links on your own site, right?

Well, it’s true – internal links aren’t as powerful as external links. But, they are effective. Why?

It’s all about the user experience. Google values websites that provide superior user experience for searchers. After all, they want the best websites to show up first, and if your website is hard to navigate and people can’t find the information they need, Google will consider your website to be less user-friendly than the rest.

In this way, think of internal links as connecting roads. You can’t get where you want to go in a city by just taking the highway. You have to take connecting roads at some point. If you put these roads in the right place, it becomes a lot easier to get around.

Likewise, if you have a good network of internal links – links that go from page to page when it makes sense to do so – you allow your visitor to travel deeper into your website, stay on your site longer, and ultimately get the info they need. That’s what we’ve recommended for our clients in Florida who turn to us for SEO services.

Of course, you can go overboard with this very easily. Having a ton of keyword-spammed internal links in your footer is a no-no. Cross-linking excessively from one page to every other page and vice-versa is also a no-no. Both can look suspicious, which makes Google mistrust your website.

If you’re careful, though, internal links can boost your website visibility. The bottom line is simple: don’t neglect internal links in favor of just focusing on inbound links.