Internet Marketing: How to Create the Best Online “Voice”

Internet Marketing: How to Create the Best Online “Voice”

When you are talking to someone in person, their tone matters. Similarly, over time you become accustomed to how they talk, the words they use, etc. The same thing is true when it comes to online communications. Your online “voice” matters, but what should your tone be?


The internet, especially with social media engagements, is all about communication and connections. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are coming across as approachable in every online engagement. You do not have to use emoticons, but overall your tone (especially on social media platforms) should demonstrate approachability.

Language Usage

Along with being approachable, you have to also determine what type of language you are going to use and remain consistent in that language. For example, a computer company will use different language than a water park. The goal is tailoring your language usage to your audience – just like you tailor your language based on who you are talking to in person (family, friends, boss, colleagues, etc.). When representing your business online, you need a consistent language that is relevant to your audience.


Similarly, you have to be consistent in your messaging. If your blogs are light-hearted and informative, then being serious and technical on social media platforms will be very confusing for your audience. Therefore, when you determine your language and your online “voice,” remain consistent across various platforms.

In addition to these three things, it is highly recommended that your online voice is directly related to your offline business culture as well. For example, if your business is very serious and this formality is what your customer will receive if they call your office, then you want that same “voice” to be present online.

In short, be consistent. Make sure that your online voice accurately represents your company and your business mission, goals, and vision. Inconsistency in voice and message can confuse your audience and do more damage than good.

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