Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

We live in a social world, and it seems like social media marketing and other forms of marketing like it are all the rage – to the point where we are beginning to question the effectiveness of other tried-and-true methods.

Email marketing in particular is one whose popularity rises and falls with the tides. Can you effectively reach and persuade target audiences through email anymore? Or is email becoming an antiquated way to market to an audience and promote a brand message?

Email Is Still Useful – Just in a Few Certain Ways

Email has its purposes, and is still quite useful. In fact, did you know that 44% of all email recipients actually make a purchase based on an email they received in 2013?

How you use email is just as important as whether or not you use it. There are a few things email excels at, which include:

  • Communicating offers, discounts, promotions, and deals;
  • Gathering customer data;
  • Communicating one-on-one with a customer;
  • Promoting a new product or service;
  • Creating qualified customer leads.

The first one is huge. If you have a coupon to distribute, or a promotion to promote, email can be great. You can include the deal or hint at it in the subject line and get people’s attention so that they are more likely to open it and take advantage of the offer.

Plus, you can include email into your overall marketing ecosystem and incorporate landing pages, social media, websites, and blogs. Email then becomes a way to distribute your content in a more targeted way.

Not to mention, most people who agree to receive content – called permission-based marketing – prefer email as their method of delivery. So, if you have an email newsletter, you are already taking advantage of that fact.

Email is still relevant. Just focus on what it’s good at and you’ll be more successful.