Is Facebook Organic Reach Going Away for Businesses? |Social Media Marketing

Is Facebook Organic Reach Going Away for Businesses? |Social Media Marketing

If you use Facebook for social media marketing for your business, you might have noticed a disturbing trend: your posts are probably getting fewer views than before.

If you haven’t noticed, take a few moments to check. You can use Facebook Insights to see how many views your posts have been getting, and will probably find what other business owners have found – steadily, over the past year, reach (the number of people that see each update you post to your page) has declined.

The reason for that is simple, yet startling: Facebook has been gradually decreasing the amount of organic reach – how many people see your updates without you having to pay anything – and will continue to do so until organic reach reaches zero.

This is happening because Facebook claims it wants to keep its users’ news feeds uncluttered from business page updates. Perhaps the real reason is to encourage business owners to spend more money on Facebook advertising.

Either way, the implication is clear. If you want to reach your fan base, and spread your message through branded content on Facebook with social media marketing, you’ll have to pay for it.

This can be something as simple as a boosted post, which can cost as little as five dollars and give you reach to a few thousand people. Note that boosted posts don’t really scale up, in that spending a lot more money on boosted posts doesn’t give you an equivalent boost in reach. This is actually good for businesses because it keeps the cost of using Facebook low.

You can also engage in Facebook ads, which many businesses already use. These are usually the cheapest ads available online or offline, and while they don’t generate as high of a clickthrough rate as other online ads, they are an affordable way to promote yourself.

Unless you pay, though, you’ll quickly find that your posts just aren’t reaching that many people. This is a development that businesses interested in social media marketing will have to adapt to and plan for, but not something that can’t be overcome.