Is SEO a one-shot process? The answer may surprise you

 Is Your Website Stuck in the Past? How Often Should You Update Your SEO?

When you hired someone to build your company’s website, they likely spoke to you about SEO optimization.  Having an SEO optimized website is important for a variety of reasons. First, it helps ensure your listing shows up on the first page of online search results. Second, the better your ranking is, the more likely your website is to get visitors (and, as we all know, more visitors often translate into more conversions, which in turn, translates into higher revenues.)

However, SEO best practices are constantly changing- and the things that helped your website rank well when it was first launched, could potentially harm your ranking in the future.

A creative analogy

Let’s imagine that your website has decided to attend a singles mixer with thousands of other attendees. Each attendee wants to make sure they make the very best impression, and they’ve all gone out of their way to put their best foot forward.

Let’s also imagine that your website hasn’t been to a singles mixer in quite a few decades—and instead of keeping up with social norms, current events, and clothing trends, yours shows up looking as if it fell face first onto the sidewalk after a long night at Studio 54.

Was your website the crème de la crème back when it first showed up on the scene? Quite possibly.  But that doesn’t mean that worked well back then will work just as well today.

Times have changed

You’ll also want to remember that keywords change too—and the ones that helped you rank well in the past might not be as helpful today.  Does this mean that you’ll need to redo all of the content that’s on your website? No- however, it may mean that your content could use a refresh.

You’ll also want to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile searches and voice searches. If it’s not, this might be harming your SEO ranking.

In closing

Remember – if your customers can’t find you, you’re potentially leaving thousands of dollars (if not tens of thousands of dollars) on the table.  For more information about why SEO isn’t a one-shot process and/or for more information about how often you should refine your SEO optimization, we can help. Call our office today to speak with a local expert.

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