Is Your Website Getting Enough Traffic?

Is Your Website Getting Enough Traffic?

Is your website getting enough traffic?

If so, congratulations – you’re one of the (relatively) few business owners who are satisfied with their website’s performance.

If not, you’re not alone – most business owners not only don’t have productive websites; they aren’t even aware of how well their website is or isn’t doing.

A website is designed to generate new business for you by being a portal for those who are looking for whatever it is that you do. It’s one of your best sales tools, by far, if designed and executed properly. It is essential, and can go a long way toward validating your company as legitimate. It’s a vital tool for marketing in Naples, FL.

But if it’s not getting enough traffic, it won’t do any of those things for you. Here are common reasons why your website isn’t getting enough visitors.

It Doesn’t Have SEO

Your website won’t do much if it isn’t optimized for search engine optimization.

SEO places critical keywords in prime places all over your website – both on the pages themselves that people can see and behind the scenes where only search engines can see.

Both are necessary when it comes to making your website rank on the results page that pops up when someone searches for your services or products. You want to be as high on that page as you can be, and SEO is a must for that to happen.

You Aren’t Advertising

Another reason why you’re not getting enough traffic is because you’re not advertising.

You can advertise in a wide variety of ways:

  • Direct advertising on a website
  • Display (or banner) advertising
  • Google AdWords (the pay-per-click text ads on search results pages)
  • Social media advertising

All of these paid methods are great tools to get traffic to your website. And for most, you only pay when people click on links – which is terrific and an advantage over traditional advertising.

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