Key Benefits of Interactive Web Design

Key Benefits of Interactive Web Design

Maybe you’re in the early phases of starting a business—or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and you’ve decided that it’s time to up your digital marketing game.  In either case, you probably have some understanding about the importance of interacting with your customers in a positive way.

Interactive web design is a fantastic way to accomplish this.

Fact: Data shows that more than 70% of a customer’s interaction with a business happens online

Self-serve is becoming the new norm—which means that if a growing number of your clients are doing a transaction online (and without human assistance or interaction), you’ll want to make sure your website helps to make the most of their digital experience.

This holds true regardless as to whether you employee three or thirty people.

How interactive web design works

Let’s say you and a friend take a trip to your friendly neighborhood coffee shop because you’ve learned that they’ve started to roast their own beans. When you arrive, you’re each greeted by a barista. The people you’re talking with begins to speak to you as soon as you walk through the door and they spend about three minutes telling you about why their beans are the best. The barista that’s talking to your friend, however, takes some time to ask some questions about your friend’s likes, coffee drinking habits and why they like some brands over others.

You can think of interactive web design by using this same example—because it’s the difference between talking at someone as opposed to starting a conversation with them.

When you work with a web designer to help create an interactive design, you’re allowing your customers to learn more about (and interact) with your business, both of which can help enhance a user’s experience.

In closing

In today’s world, providing an amazing in-person customer service experience isn’t enough. It’s good for the people who come into your store, but you still need to account for the 70% of customers who prefer to complete their transactions online.

This is why interactive web design should be a key component of your digital marketing strategy.

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