Using Facebook Multi-Product Ads in Your Florida Social Media Campaign

Using Facebook Multi-Product Ads in Your Florida Social Media Campaign

By now, many business owners have realized that organic reach on Facebook isn’t what it used to be. Formerly, when conducting a Florida social media campaign, you could reach a significant portion of your page’s followers every time you posted.

Now, that has dwindled to next to nothing, meaning you have to pay (advertise) to play.

To help business owners get the most of their advertisements and promoted posts, Facebook has created a new method: multi-product ads. Unveiled in 2014, these ads allow a marketer to showcase multiple pieces of content – such as products, blogs, images, etc – in one ad that can be scrolled through.

For example, a clothing store could feature several dresses in a row. The user can scroll through the dresses and if she likes one, she can click on it and travel to a landing page or web page specifically designed for that dress.

MPAs represent a great opportunity to promote a variety of things. You don’t have to use just products, either (although they’re great for that, too). You can actually use content, like the kind created for your blog.

Here’s how it works. Take multiple blogs and create images for each, just like you normally would. Then, create a MPA and upload the images and blogs. Link to each blog, and then launch the MPA. Your users will then be able to scroll through the various blog titles you’ve uploaded.

Another example: Let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you have several listings you want to showcase. You can upload these listings in the MPA and have viewers see multiple properties at once.

All of these strategies increase the chance that people will pay attention to your content and engage with it. These are more likely to attract likes, shares, and comments, which only helps your engagement rate and, eventually, your conversions.

Take a look at multi-product ads on Facebook. They could be exactly what you need for your Florida social media campaign.