Making Sure Your Real Estate Website is Google-Friendly

Making Sure Your Real Estate Website is Google-Friendly

When it comes to digital marketing, every eye looks to Google for guidance. Google is, after all, the undisputed titan in the industry because its search results are one of the biggest drivers of online traffic in the world.

To put it simply, a website that isn’t “Google-friendly” won’t do very well.

Real estate agents who have real estate websites particularly need to have friendly websites because so much of your traffic comes from people who are searching for agents and homes online. That’s why it’s so important to be in line with what Google wants.

And these days, Google wants websites to be mobile friendly.

What Does ‘Mobile Friendly’ Mean?

A website is mobile friendly if it is easy to use and navigate for people using mobile devices. This mainly includes smartphones but also includes tablets and other handheld devices.

Earlier this year, Google said it would place more emphasis on mobile friendliness when it comes to ranking sites. In particular, they are looking for websites that are well suited for mobile search and browsing in addition to being relevant, updated, and unique.

Does Your Real Estate Website Pass the Test?

This latest development means you need to pass Google’s test, both literally and figuratively.

Google actually came up with a test you can take to see if your website passes muster. By taking this test, you can see what your website does well and what it doesn’t do well when it comes to websites and mobile friendliness. The test will even tell you specific steps you can take to change your site and make it better for mobile users.

Fixing Your Website

What happens if your real estate website fails the test? It’s okay – it can be fixed.

Some general points:

  • Make sure your website is responsive – i.e. it changes shape to fit the screen size of whatever device is being used to view it
  • Text should be limited if at all possible
  • Use more pictures to convey information
  • Buttons and links should be big and easily seen and clicked
  • When you use words, make sure the font size is large enough to be seen easily

Completely fixing everything, though, will probably take the services of a professional. Contact a website pro who can help you navigate Google’s changes and create a real estate website that is optimized for mobile use.